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Best of OJuice-Oneliner

Kleine Hintergrundgeschichte: Durch eine Nachricht auf Orange Juice (siehe Crests Text) gab es viele nette Einträge im OJuice-Oneliner. Damit diese euch nicht vorenthalten werden, habe ich mir mal das Logfile von Oktober und November besorgt.


Auf meinen Kommentar, der Text "scene is dead" wäre am häufigsten im Oneliner, hat mados mal ein Skript dazu erstellt. Das Ergebnis:

  1. Platz: Geburtstagsgrüße mit zirka 20 Einträgen
  2. Platz: Knapp geschlagen: "scene is dead" oder "the scene is dead"
  3. Platz: "liha peruna sose laatikko" oder "liha peruna sose laatikko kiisseli" (10 mal!)

Was bedeutet wohl Letzteres? Die Antwort bekam ich im IRC:
<kElta> MadMan: it means mashed potatoes with mashed ham and pork in it, kiisseli is sort of desert soup
Tja, wer hätte das gedacht...

Aber nun, Best of Oneliner

12:03 I will kill the whole scene!!! signed: bill gates
15:49 I am bill gates. i kill you all.
17:32 I will kill the ill bill gates (4x "-ill" wow!)

21:23 Damn, sid-music will rock'n'rule the BCN Party
21:29 Nothing beats a mc307 or 505 (Kript0n/Razor 1911)
23:34 A tb303 do (Beldoroon/Triad)
04:13 MC series and grooveboxes are for wannabe composers
10:14 My sidstation beat easily your mc307
10:29 You evil rzrguy, all your loosy mc307 belongs to me (Beldoroon/Triad)

18:23 Scene is dead
19:08 What you say
21:35 Your mama is dead
21:38 Your brain is dead

13:51 Lame news today (as always)
13:58 Lame oneliners today (as always) (Flure/Sprite)

18:59 I'll give you "too long words" !
19:01 I'll give you a kick in the ass
19:06 Du bist ein doofer pischermann!
19:11 Ya, what he said!

21:22 Better wait for THE PARTY christmas releases
21:25 Nightmare b4 xmas ;D

06:05 Happy birthday to me!
07:28 Happy birthday to australia
09:02 Happy birthday to all!
09:18 Happy non-birthday to meee! (Kenët/Mandarine)
09:55 Non-happy day to meee!

14:55 Warezscene is the only real scene
15:17 What about the quakescene?
15:34 Porno scene
16:02 Booze scene
16:14 Scene-is-dead scene :D (Tomaes/TAP)
16:18 Old skool is the only REAL TALENTED scene. :p
16:24 "your mother" scene

13:30 The ojuice will make you happy
14:57 The ojuice will make you beautiful
15:04 Orange juice and some corn flakes make a good morning
17:11 All your ojuice are belong to us :) (Tentacle/Creative Minds)

16:15 Ping!
16:26 Wo ein ping ist, ist auch ein pong (Tomaes/TAP)

22:16 Sceners should stop using their time complaining. And start doing good stuff! ;) (Imperator)
23:38 22:16 -> there are some, who should start complaining, when they stop producing bad stuff then. ;))

09:03 Hallihallo hier ist der goldi, ich hab nix vernuenftiges zu sagen...

18:14 It's pitch black here!
19:08 18:14 try turning the lights on. unless yer in Finland, which is too backward to have electricity...
10:02 Actually my house here in Finland has got electricity... maybe I'm just a lucky sob
14:03 Sorry, making your hamsters spin the wheel to generate kinetic power doesn't count

10:09 Fed up of comments such as 'scene is dead' or 'oldskool rules'
10:27 That's the truth admit it
10:30 10.27 take your head out of your ass
10:35 <ass>head</ass>

19:26 Ich bin ein berlina (Stil/Mandarine)
19:36 So so - noch ein Berliner ! :)
19:38 Ich nich
19:57 I are french (Jason Hawk/agonymusic)
20:50 Ich bin zwei öltanks und wenn ihc gross bin werde ich frittenbude oder ein auto!
21:07 I am an atomic germ
21:28 Naja, du bist eine Kurrywurst

17:08 I hate my gf2 (Stonda/Nano)
17:22 Upgrade to GirlFriend v2.5 it will fix the bugs in gf2
18:31 Tell me when you have girlfriend v3.0

00:26 Demohorste!
01:23 Coderstuten :)
09:01 Horst Hützel was here

18:33 Come and buy your demos @ scene 'r us

11:28 What have manga adds to do with demos ? and in french ??? (Flure/Sprite)
11:49 Flure : Is the oneliner a forum ? if you want information contact us (Yes/Razor 1911)
11:54 11:28: in french because only french speaking people see this ad, and this ad is for *my* company :) (Chandra/Orange Juice)
12:11 The two lines above are the funniest i've ever read on this oneliner :) (Flure/Sprite)

13:04 What about a "Best of Oneliners" site?!?! (Optimus/Dirty Minds)
13:06 Optimus : great idea ! you'll need some people to archive the best oneliners quotes ...
13:09 Pouet is good cause it keeps the old oneliners and I can getem,.. but this one doesn't... [Optimus]
13:18 Optimus : so you need some people who constantly copy/paste the oneliners :)
13:49 Optimus: i've all the 27000 lines of the oneliner (oldest from oct 1999) ;) (Chandra/Orange Juice)

15:53 All your base are beelong to pouet
20:30 Someone set us up the bomb!
20:35 The cats vs lamers

03:37 We will be spreading anthrax at the party :)
10:13 My whole family died from anthrax. may i request a minute of silence, please?
10:19 No deal

22:10 14year olds piss me off
23:02 17 years even
05:20 You must remmember that once upon a time you all were under 18.. :-)
07:21 Not me, I was always 84, and senile!

15:31 Writing one-liners is a good method to find out the time.

17:29 Am i really the only dutch guy around here/
18:06 Am i really the only italian guy around here/ (Purusha/Ogredung)
18:22 I am the only German in Canada around here ;-) (Anonym/Padua)
18:58 Im the only horst around here

19:25 Naked chicks != demoscene
19:36 But there should be more naked chicks coding demos! (Cer/Digital Underground)
21:51 Personally, I don't really want the naked chicks to _code_...
23:17 21:51: If you don't want them to code then what? They're naked so you can't send them shopping cola! (Thoooms/Elysium)
00:55 I can find another use to naked chicks other than coding.

21:30 Buck dich
23:41 21:30> you sure mean: bück dich! (Cer/Digital Underground)
14:52 23:41 actually, dif buck dich - bück dich .. who cares

19:43 Wanted:new ideas in demos!
19:49 Try creating a realtime storm,lightning effects, tornados,rain and clouds on a grassy field
20:28 19:49 - I'd love to see that :) No lenzflares allowed though :p
20:53 How'bout a real nuclear explosion?
21:02 3d liquid effect morphing into various shapes
21:12 Yeah.. *REAL* nuclear explosion
21:22 21:12> isn't there an opensoruce atombomb project at sourceforge? (Cer/Digital Underground)
23:05 19:43> simple: metaballs inside a cube...check the borders!

14:52 I want dialogos results + releases! now! =)
17:27 Dialogos results (demo): 1. kolor 2. fr 3. hjb there have been 16(!) demos in the compo (Tomaes/TAP)
18:34 Back from dialogos - great time there (Flip/Centric)
21:54 Dhg rult dialogos
22:27 Dia01 stuff @ w w w.dialogos.de /dialogos2001 (piece it together :) (Phoenix/Hornet)
22:28 Um sorry, replace above link's site with w w w.wildmag.de (Phoenix/Hornet)
19:52 Dialogos 2001 was very nice, thanx to organizers! (Crest)

08:18 A moment of silence for White Shadow

12:29 How can we join Future Crew. The whole scene is already in Haujobb... :/

00:02 All your scene is belonging to GUS

05:23 I love you all
08:39 We love you too
08:41 Ueeeeeeeeeee

08:51 Hi m8s, where to find good intro source code?
09:15 Where can I find info on how to rip demos and call them my own?

15:25 The scene is an orange

16:22 Wer l337 ist macht pippi in bett! (Cer/Digital Underground)

21:07 Gee, razzia at danish lan party! all attenders must pay for copying warez! (Cer/Digital Underground)
22:42 ørts belong to me
09:57 All your babes are belong to me (-Zez-/The Dark CodeX)
10:59 You'll never get my babes!
12:50 I own you all!
13:28 10:59> it's hard to get something that does not exist :) (Cer/Digital Underground)
18:06 Mainscreen turn on

19:49 I'm not fat !! I'm heavy boned ...
20:51 19:49>want some cheesy poofs? (Cer/Digital Underground)

22:52 Mummy! the hippos are eating the elephats again!

23:13 I want to write something intelligent. (Warp/bypass)

19:33 I'm not german...
20:52 19:33> and i'll try not to use the oneliner as a substitute for #coders.ger :) (Cer/Digital Underground)

14:18 All your robots are belong to us

15:10 Mother,mother , they're flaming me ...

16:57 All your lens flares are belonging to lamers
17:24 Where are all the cool shadebobs !??

12:52 I am a heini

21:20 Ich glaub ihr wollt das gar net wissen aber ich hab mir grad nen wolf geschissen

17:35 Yeah get out and do something..
17:50 Having sex with a demoo? (Raedotted)
20:04 I'm feeling a little demoosexual today
20:09 20:04>i bet it's illegal in texas! (Cer/Digital Underground)

00:45 All your comercial scene are belong to biglame partys

15:17 Reading ojuice does mean your in a dead scene
17:14 Writing in ojuice onliner means you are in a dead scene (Aevoc/Orange Juice)

16:32 'pure sound' is an excuse to release crap (Sagacity/threestate)
16:43 Pure chocola (Ile/Aardbei)
16:46 That's what i release on the toilet (Sagacity/threestate)
17:18 If your toilet duty sounds like this i feel sorry for you.. must be hard life. (Warp/bypass)

20:36 iiiiiih, i said iiiiiih,. iiiiiiiiiiiih

Und der krönende Abschluß

21:50 TP2k1 will kick! Join THE BUS.de!
22:59 We can all be farb-rausch
18:45 Check TheBus.de and show your SCENE spirit!

Da das nicht geholfen hatte, folgte der Artikel und damit ...

14:26 Thebus.de for the BEST trip to TP 2k1 ! ;-) (Weasel/Padua)
15:33 Weasel loves fr (Ile/Aardbei)
15:57 Wow, weasel is easily excited (Sagacity/threestate)
15:58 Weasel, get your tongue out of fr's arses (Gday/Aardbei)
16:02 Legendary weasel... eh...
16:10 Whose the greatest mudskipper of them all?
16:24 Haha! ;-) I've no reason for ass-kissing!
16:30 Legendary? Yep, since 1984 !
16:59 Everyone should go to the party without releases and computers and just trash the place
18:21 Yes, go to TP! support 'gamerz' and crappy organizing! waste your money because FR does too! ;) (Scamp/Vacuum)
19:36 You will all be busted at tp because of the warez dudez there + gamers
20:00 Boah scamp, halt endlich mal dein maul, wir wissens langsam :) (Kb/farb-rausch)
20:23 In the same bus as Farbrausch .... uhhh
21:35 Kb: fresse, oder ich fahr mit the bus und bete dich die ganze zeit an ;) (Scamp/Vacuum)
21:51 Scamp: ich fahr mittem auto! bätsch! :)
02:38 Legendary farbrausch? seems that you are very fast legendary nowadays :-> (Crest)
03:33 Farbruash are legendairy for their smell after a few days at a demoparty ;)
04:23 "Legendary" (Desynx/Razor 1911)
08:17 Is farbrasih legendary? Equinox is legendary. Farbraush is newbeis compared to them (Dubmood/Fyllecell)
09:52 Nonsense - everyone knows we're legendary for the color of our teeth! (Ryg/farb-rausch)
10:47 What is so special about FarBrausch anyway, I hate foolish 3d-scenes
12:09 Farbrausch? never heard of 'em...
12:36 All youR "legendairy" are belong to "farbrasih" (Cer/Digital Underground)
15:12 yeah- with farbrausch to tp; i am a real groupie !
15:17 farbrausch? ah, no design and boring 3d stuff .. now i remember..
15:27 3d owns 2d

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